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What is the “Author of the Month” award?

Capeia not only seeks to stimulate discussion but is also committed to spreading the information and ideas that are expressed on this website into the depths of the World Wide Web. So much so that we provide an extra crowdfunding scheme to collect funds with which to provide a reward on a monthly basis for the scientist whose contribution attracts the most attention.

Read an article and then comment on it or share it via one of our media interfaces and you will promote its author for this prize. Every such activity generates points for an article and whichever author receives the most points over any particular month becomes the “Author of the Month”; the money collected in the prize pool is then paid into his or her research account. For transparency, the score of each article is indicated as it develops over time; a high score indicates that an article is in high demand and/or shared eagerly within the community. A registered author’s total score (i.e. the points for all of his or her articles) is shown on the author’s personal site.

Please note that it may take up to 3 days to retrieve all relevant information for determining an article's score, which implies that it may not be before the 3rd day of a month that the new Author of the Month is announced.

See Current and Past Authors of the Month