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Andrew Tilker

Andrew Tilker

Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

About Me

I am a doctoral student at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research and an Associate Conservation Scientist at Global Wildlife Conservation. My focus is on the ecology and conservation of tropical mammal species, especially critically endangered and little-known animals in Southeast Asia. I have worked for the past six years in Vietnam and Laos, with an emphasis on threatened Annamite endemic species such as saola, Annamite striped rabbit, and large-antlered muntjac. I am a member of the three IUCN SSC Specialist Groups: the Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group (Saola Working Group), the Deer Specialist Group (Large-antlered Muntjac Working Group), and the Lagomorph Specialist Group.




My Research

My research focus is on rare and endangered mammals in the Annamites ecoregion. Currently, I am working with local stakeholders to expand systematic camera-trapping surveys to other high-priority Annamites sites, with the goal of using this information to inform targeted conservation efforts.

Selected Publications

Recommended Reads

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