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Brain & Nerves
Stefan Kautsch

Stefan Kautsch

Nova Southeastern University

About Me

I am an Associate Professor of Astrophysics at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I love engaging with my students in my astronomy, astrophysics, and physics courses and helping them understand the big connections between the things and beings in our universe. My research focuses on observational cosmology and galaxy evolution. In addition to my duties as a researcher and scholar, I am actively engaged in school and community projects that promote science. More information about my work at my institution is here.

My Research

One of the biggest mysteries in our cosmos revolves around nature of dark matter. This material can be measured easily, but it is totally invisible to the eye and to modern detectors. Many galaxies contain much more dark matter than stars, planets, and other known material. My research explores how dark matter and other physical properties are expressed in the shapes of galaxies and how these galaxy morphologies have evolved as the universe has aged.

What I Would Do with Your Support

My mission is to integrate research with education and service to the community and to inspire the public to learn more about the great mysteries of our universe. I also strive to expose traditionally underrepresented groups meritorious research methods by giving them the ability to practice hands-on science and guiding them to career opportunities in physical sciences. Therefore, the funds will be invested directly into research and will support my students’ dissemination efforts, such as presentations at conferences and meetings.

Selected Publications

Bizyaev, D. V., Kautsch, S. J., Sotnikova, N. Y., Reshetnikov, V. P., & Mosenkov, A. V. 2017, Very Thin Disc Galaxies in the SDSS Catalogue of Edge-On Galaxies, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 465, 3784

Kautsch, S. J., Vazquez, R., Phung, C., VanHilst, M., Castro, V. H., & Bizyaev, D. 2016, Galaxy Classification: Citizen Scientists versus Experts, American Astronomical Society, 227, 342.39

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