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Capeia is a New Way to Interact with Science.


Capeia is a novel online magazine that aims to foster fruitful exchanges between scientists and the interested public. On Capeia scientists report and interpret recent developments in their particular fields and raise awareness for relevant topics.

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On Capeia scientists are happy to enter into discussion with you. Feel free to join our lively forum debates, whether you have questions or simply want to give feedback!

Capeia is not a conventional science news portal

Our authors are all active scientists involved in competitive research and are specialists in their own field. We do not adopt text from news agencies or other media. Each article is a genuine original contribution that draws on the author’s critical faculty and experience accumulated over a career in academic research.

Articles published on Capeia reflect the dynamic nature of science, placing a focus not only on its great moments but also on its pitfalls, ambiguities and uncertainties. Today’s scientific industry churns out, at least initially, vast quantities of data that are in desperate need of interpretation and discussion before any new knowledge can be achieved.

Capeia is committed to improving our understanding of scientific matters by picking up interesting pieces of information from different sources, including research publications, media reports, book releases, and conferences, and commenting on them in a critical manner that can be easily understood by non-experts.

Capeia is not a conventional social media platform

Science is a lot of fun and it thrives on interactions between curious minds. We cordially invite you to participate in the scholarly discussions on Capeia and to post your ideas and comments on articles published by our authors. Don’t hesitate to open up a debate, all constructive contributions are welcome!

Capeia not only seeks to stimulate discussion but is also committed to spreading the information and ideas that are expressed on this website into the depths of the World Wide Web. Read an article or share it via one of our social media interfaces and you promote its author for our "Author of the Month" award.

In summary, Capeia is a vibrant site, full of intellectual energy that will provide inspiration to both scientists and the public alike. If you would like to know more about Capeia's mission and why we think that science and society should interact more closely, please continue.