Brain & Nerves
Anne-Sophie Darmaillacq

Anne-Sophie Darmaillacq

University of Caen

Anne-Sophie Darmaillacq is Assistant Professor in Ethology in the "Cognitive NeuroEthology of Cephalopods" team (UMR Ethos, CNRS - University of Caen Normandy – University of Rennes 1). She studies embryonic cognition and early learning systems in cuttlefish species (Sepia officinalis, S. pharaonis, S. elongata, etc.). She has international collaborations with Israeli, Taiwanese and Australian researchers about visual ecology and cognition on marine animals. She teaches ethology and animal cognition courses at graduate and undergraduate levels. Moreover, she has been the secretary of the French Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour (www.sfeca.fr) since 10 years.